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History and visit the Pont Saint-Louis in Paris
The Pont Saint-Louis is part of the 4th district of Paris. It connects the Ile Saint-Louis and the Ile de la Cité. 67m long and 16 m wide, the bridge is only accessible to pedestrians. New buildings have succeeded to achieve this magnificent work. It was originally a wooden bridge, now a bridge beams. It is inaccessible to motor vehicles, because its use is limited to that of a bridge while it is supported by steel and reinforced concrete.

The St. Louis bridge is a place rich in history. It was only after several versions and testing we came to the current version of the St. Louis Bridge. Since 1627, he can come and go on both islands. The first building was a wooden bridge called Pont Saint-Landry. Following the frequent flooding of the Seine, it was quickly demolished June 5, 1634. A new building was thus undertaken in 1656. It was a bridge nine arches gave during the floods of 1657. In 1717, the “Red Bridge” was born at this location. Built of wood also, its seven arches were painted entirely in red. He was accessible to pedestrians and riders. The flooding of the Seine in 1795 made him disappear. The Red Bridge was replaced a few years later by a new bridge. Built in 1804, it was a bridge to two arches. It collapsed after a slump in 1811.

The fifth building took place in 1830. It was replaced by a cast iron bridge in 1861. Severe turbulence is also not allowed to bridge resist it also caused many accidents barges. In 1939, it was completely destroyed. In 1941une temporary bridge allowed traffic everyday. It was iron but the aesthetic was pretty poor. Other bridges could connect the two islands for some years. In 1970, we now find that was built after countless projects and several studies.

Architecturally speaking, the bridge is quite unique. The St. Louis bridge is built on a single metal span measuring 67 meters of biased coverage and the width is 16 meters. It has a floor of 9 meters and two sidewalks of 3.5 meters each. The capstone is fully reinforced concrete. The plan of the building was entrusted to the architects and Creuzot Jabouille. As for engineering, it is A. Long-Depaquit and JF Coste who were assigned this task.

It is good to be on the Pont Saint-Louis, it gives some sense of peace and tranquility. The St. Louis Bridge offers breathtaking views of the two islands it connects. The deck offers a beautiful view of several historical monuments of Paris, as Jussieu tower, dock Orleans. The Square Jean XXIII is just one end of the bridge, the apse of Notre Dame and the Fountain of the Virgin. Walkers, tourists and fans of fresh traffic will have the pleasure of seeing the Parisian landscape. Saint-Jacques Tower is visible or the bridge of Arcola. From the same place, we can also see Montparnasse, the Pantheon and the Church of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont tour …

Transfer to the Pont Saint-Louis in Paris
The Pont Saint-Louis is located 19 km from Orly Airport, 33.3 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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