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History and tour of the Tour Saint-Jacques in Paris

Late Gothic style and bell tower, the Tour Saint Jacques was born in 1509 and its construction lasted almost 20 years. Picturesque tower about 52 m, it was classified as a national heritage and is named Tour Saint-Jacques de Compostela. For those who do not know it yet, this huge tower is located in France in the city of Paris, in the fourth district.

Until now, the only monument that reminds us of the Church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie. Sanctuary, famous as a place of pilgrimage since it housed the relics in the words of the late St Jacques. Tower has been identified as the work of Charlemagne. In 1998, many historic sites of France who have inherited a place in the World Heritage of UNESCO, it was at this time that the Tour Saint-Jacques was designated as one of them. Until now, there are still doubts about the true founder of the Tour, but on the bell tower, he was recognized as the work of Jean de Feline, Julien Menart and Jean de Revier. Later, images of animal forms were built by Rault in order to decorate the tower and steeple, this action had brought him the sum of 20 pounds at the time.

After a war in 1793, the church was completely ravaged, but the tower had stood. A statuette of Saint-Jacques was the only evidence that it was the Church of Saint-Jacques well. In 1824, the tower has become a kind of small factory, because it was a place where workers were working to melt lead. It was not until 10 years later it was bought by the city of Paris. Later, she became invaluable to the city, because it served as flagship for the night, and she was so high that it came to light the entire area alone. Two years after the establishment of the lighthouse, the town decided to restore the tower giving the responsibility to the architect Baltard. The work was significant, because the tower was huge, it was decided that the entire bottom was going to be completely redone, the statues were also renovated. Engineers and architects have succeeded in the restoration and it was only between 1854 to 1958 it fell into the hands of renowned architect Theodore Ballu.

The famous statue of Saint-Jacques disappeared with the church when it was ravaged during the Revolution, but later Paul Chenillon had rebuilt again using plaster, not stone. The old statue from the words was more than 10 meters high, but the recent copy was only 3.80 meters. A Parisian square now called Tower Saint Jacques, it was decided well in 1856. Since the acquisition of the tower by the city of Paris in 1836, it was renovated more than four times, sometimes for reasons of public safety, but also due to renovation of the statues begin to crack because of the weather. The city wants to preserve the tower which contains so many secrets within its walls, it is quite unique. Each year, millions of tourists visiting the city of Paris do not miss to go admire this magnificent tower of Saint-Jacques is a unique charm.


Transfèr  to the Tour Saint-Jacques in Paris
La Tour Saint-Jacques in Paris is 22 km from Orly Airport, 37 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 92 km from Beauvais Airport.

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