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History and visit the Church of Saint-Louis en l’Ile in Paris

The EgliseSaint-Louis-en-L’Île is a church located in picturesque France, in the Ile-de-France in Paris in the 4th arrondissement. It is a Catholic place of worship built in 1624 and completed in 1726. King Louis IX of France, who reigned from 1226 to 1270, better known under the name of Saint Louis is up to now the patron saint of this church. Although this is one of the largest parishes in the capital, it is still one of the monuments to protect, attracting many visitors each year.

The story mentions that King Louis IX was the principal founder of the church, after buying the emperor of Constantinople a relic of the crown of thorns that Christ wore on his head when he died, it is the crown itself was the reason St. Louis decided to build a large chapel.
In 1614, the Ile Saint-Louis began to emerge. It was made viable through the hard work and Christophe Marie, a wharf was built and a bridge connecting the right side of the island with the church of Saint Gervais was installed in turn. When the island was inhabited a few years later, local people asked what they built a chapel. The latter was formerly known as Notre-Dame-en-l ‘Ile, it was not until two years later she bore the same name as the island, that is to say, St. Louis. The church was at this time, in the heart of the city, the local market was close and the cemetery was in the courtyard of the parish.

A few years later, the island grew fast and became crowded. The people are all very pious were too numerous and the chapel was no longer sufficient. Considering the situation, it was decided that the building would be rebuilt and a slightly larger church was to be built in its place. It is December 10, 1642 that the decision had been taken, however, the budget was very tight and the work could not begin until 1656. The famous architect François Le Vau, brother of the architect of Versailles took the job in hand and began to make a draft of the future church. In extension, the cemetery and the market should be removed and it was so.

The Archbishop of Paris Hardouin de Perefixe himself laid the foundation stone of the church choir on 1 October 1664, the creation of this masterpiece took longer than expected because it took almost 14 years before the end, in the meantime, the Vau died and had not had the chance to see the finish of the church, the work was transferred to another architect Gabriel Duc. The work progressed very slowly, but the church was not closed for all, believers always came to worship, February 2nd 1701A following a tragic event it was the catalyst pushing the town to accelerate the work. Indeed, this day, many of the faithful in the church died when the roof had suddenly collapsed. After the successive deaths of architects responsible for building the church was not completed until after seventy long years, its inauguration was under the charge of John Caulet, Bishop of Grenoble in those days.

Shuttle Church Saint-Louis en l’Ile to Paris airports

The St. Louis Church on Island is located 17.9 kilometers from Orly Airport, 32.2 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99.4 km from the Beauvais Airport.

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