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History and visit Brantome Street in Paris

Brantome Street is located in Sainte-Avoye. It liaises between the rue du Grenier Saint Lazare and the Rue Rambuteau. This street is 150 meters long and has a width of 10 meters. Brantome Street, founded in 1977, was officially opened to public traffic by-law was published in March 1981.

Before the construction of St. Avoye neighborhood, street Brantome formed an angle perpendicular to the street Rambuteau. The old street bore the name of "Rue des Petits-Champs Saint-Martin" before 1864. Brantome Street retains a strange love story between a young nun named Mary Beauvilliers and King Henry IV. The nun belonged to a religious congregation of Montmartre For-aux-Dames.

Brantome Street also retains the history of some famous figures like Philippe de Flesselles who occupied a house at No. 8. The gratitude of Anne of Austria, the Fathers of Christian Doctrine settled there. At 15, there was an old house belonging to Gabrielle d’Estrees, the favorite mistress of King Henry IV. It seems that this remains fell from Marie Beauvilliers.

Other important figures as Marguerite and Mademoiselle de Grandmaison Flesselles saw then occupy the home. At number 33 Brantome Street is also home rebuilt in the early 20th century. Formerly on this site are perked up a former workshop revolutionary coinage. The former mayor of the 7th arrondissement was also on this site.

Transfer to Brantome Street in Paris
Brantome Street is located 18.9 km from Orly Airport to 26.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.1 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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