Transportation from Roissy CDG airport to Rue Papin in Paris


History and visit the Rue Papin in paris

Papin Street is a street in the 3rd arrondissement between the Boulevard de Sebastopol to the rue Saint-Martin. It has a length of 73 meters and a width of about 12 meters. This is the street of Cairo in the 2nd district, which is an extension of the rue Papin and no path crosses or joins the rue Papin.

The street was named "rue Papin" in honor of the famous French physicist Denis Papin, who was internationally known for discovering the elastic force of the steam. Driven by the revolution, he went to Germany to continue his experiments. Papin Street is also famous for its proximity to the museum of arts and crafts that attracts many visitors with its 46 000 inventory numbers.

Papin Street is only built on the odd side with five smaller buildings. It is the southern boundary of the square-Emile Chautemps which forms the side together. Visitors deciding to go to meet the rue Papin can not resist the urge to admire the magnificent Gaiety lyrical theater that was once called the Prince Imperial Theatre.

Papin Street itself is situated in the area of Arts and Crafts and starts at 259 rue Saint-Martin to finish at 98 Boulevard de Sebastopol. The street from the museum’s façade is mostly frequented by tourists wishing to explore a place mixing nostalgia and modernity in Paris. The street also has an air rather "administrative" rather than a strict focus, this in reference to the neighborhood where it is located.

Transfer to rue Papin in Paris
Papin Street is located 19.6 km from Orly Airport to 25.9 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 86.4 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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