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History and visit Tournelle Bridge in Paris

The bridge of  Tournelleis  in Paris 4th district. Crossing the Seine, connecting the docks Bethune and the 4th arrondissement Orleans and the dock Tournelle 5th arrondissement. Two metro stations this great monument such as gas stations and Cardinal Lemoine Pont Marie. Type arch bridge built, it measures 122 m long, 23 m wide and 14 m high. It is bordered by sidewalks.

Historically, a bridge named Fust Ile-Notre-Dame existed at the location of the bridge Tournelle by an act of 1371. It was destroyed by ice in 1637 and rebuilt in wood shortly after. In bad states, he was carried away by the waters of the Seine January 21, 1651. The bridge was rebuilt in stone in 1656. It was destroyed in 1918 and replaced ten years later by the current bridge. Designed by architects Guidetti, Deval and Lang, Tournelle Bridge was built with reinforced concrete. The bridge is named in tribute to the turret walls of Philippe Auguste, who stood on this place in the twelfth century.

To get a clearer view on the Seine, the bridge was built Tournelle a skew to the river. It is arranged in a large central arch which connects the two small arches to the banks. On the left bank, it is adorned with a tower about 15 meters high and crowned by a statue of St. Genevieve, which was the work of Paul Landowski. The statue is symbolized by the image of a little girl holding her against the nave. They say it protects the city of Paris.

Transfer to Tournelle Bridge in Paris
The Tournelle Bridge is at a distance of 21 km from Orly airport, 31 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 109 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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