Transfer from Charenton-le-Pont to Paris airports

History and activities in Charenton-le-Pont
The name of the city of Charenton-le-Pont is surely radical pre-Indo-European or Kal Kar. This means Peter. The city is the result of a collection of four distinct towns including the town of Pont-Charenton, the Careers along the Marne and Seine in Conflans and Bercy. The Gallo-Roman marked this destination since the bridge was always mentioned by Caesar in the Gallic Wars. At the time of the manor, the lords took the decision to divide the land in four villages. In this era, the activities of the inhabitants were centered on the cultivation of the vine. Over the centuries, the wine trade was very important. During the Hundred Years War, the city was a battlefield and has had adverse consequences. In the eighteenth century, the wine culture is added to the flour trade and driftwood. In the nineteenth century, the world industry is part of the city as the foundry 1822 which eventually disappears during the construction of the railway line. 1860, intense urbanization is favored.

Tourism and visits to Charenton-le-Pont
Attractions in the city of Charenton-le-Pont are not insignificant. Its heritage includes the remains of civil Château de Bercy, the flag of Antoine de Navarre, the Statue of Henri IV, the memorial and the cemetery Valmy. Religious monuments are also to be found in the region. The most notable are: the Church of St. Peter, the Notre-Dame de Valmy, the Protestant church and the synagogue.
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Transfer from Charenton-le-Pont to Paris airports
The city of Charenton-le-Pont is located 2 km from Ivry-sur-Seine and 8 km from Paris. It is located 23.6 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 11.4 km from Orly Airport and 73.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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