Private transfer from Corbeil-Essonnes to Orly airport

History and activities Corbeil
Many names have been attributed to the city over the centuries. The most common were: Corbolium become Corbeil and Exona by Essonnes. These two names also imply two villages. These were closely related it is for this reason that they were merged. In common Essonnes human occupation dating back to the Paleolithic era. They were nomads in search of shelter and natural resources. Around the year 600, a chapel was built in the region that is to say, on the site of an ancient pagan temple. Corbeil not appear until very late in 1120. It is rebuilding the Royal Castle. During the Hundred Years War, the town was one of the supply centers of Paris. In 1840, the first railway between Paris and Corbeil surfaced. The merger of the two territories that Essonnes and Corbeil in 1951.

Tourism and visits Corbeil
The city of Corbeil offers considerable environmental heritage. To find out, you have the opportunity to take the hiking trail GR2. For history buffs, they can see the architectural heritage including monuments like: The Cathedral Speyer, equalizes the Saint-Etienne and the Grands Moulins. Still others are remarkable buildings to admire in the city as the Protestant church, the prison of 1883, and the old mill powder.
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Transfer from Corbeil to the Paris airports
The city of Evry is located in Evry 3 km and 30 km from Paris. It is located at 45.1 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport, 15.4 km from Orly Airport and 97.6 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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