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History and visit the Church of Saint-Louis des Invalides in Paris

The Church of Saint-Louis des Invalides is incorporated in the Hotel des Invalides building complex. The Church itself gathers the Choir and Les Invalides are both attached and connected directly. The plan of the church was designed by Liberal Bruant, but it will Hadouin Jules Mansart begin construction. It is in 1679 that the church was dedicated, disabled soldiers were there to meditate daily. Being attached to the complex of the Hotel des Invalides, the Église Saint-Louis des Invalides is a historic monument in 1939, it is a protected site.

The complex of the Hotel des Invalides was built and dedicated to disabled soldiers, it was Louis XIV who is the sponsor. The Sovereign wanted a hotel worthy of the name to host wounded his army. The hotel is both a hospital, a church, a retirement home and a mausoleum. Today the Institute is still active and even houses several museums, including the Museum of the Army Museum and the Order of the Liberation and the Museum of Contemporary History. Speaking of the Church, it is now a spiritual place because it is the seat of the Diocese French armies and thus acquired by the Cathedral as well as the supervision of the bishop in the army.

From the point of view of architecture, the church Saint-Louis des Invalides adopts a very simple structure, no ornamentation except seeing a Greek cross located in a square. The dome on him a little contrast with the classic look of the facade: the twin columns adorn the openings, a very pretty picture of St. Louis in the company of Christ. The dome in the basilica appearance features of fire pots around the edges, it was adorned with stunning gold patterns. An obelisk topped by a cross dominates the ovoid and gives the Dome des Invalides majestic and solemn look. At the origin, the Dome des Invalides was reserved for the royal family, it is also why it is also called “Royal Chapel”, the dome is 107 or 351 feet. The Choir of Saint-Louis des Invalides meanwhile is adorned with banners of the former defeated enemies. At first it was the works of Italian art that had to be hooked to mature, but it was agreed to put the flags taken from the enemy, warlike side accentuates the military belonging places.

Besides the enemies flags hanging cornices, the Choir also has a terminal of the sacred earth terminal and the Way of Freedom. The most beautiful part of the Cathedral of Saint-Louis des Invalides is undoubtedly the largest organ built by the organ builder Alexandre Thierry royal. This canonical instrument includes 63 games over three 61-note keyboards and pedals, this is one of the finest organs in Paris. It took several steps restoration and considerable resources to the organ is completely rebuilt after years of degradation. Initially, the complex of Saint-Louis des Invalides had to incorporate a colonnade reminiscent of the Basilica of St. Peter, but designed more simplified. Taking a figure of a semicircle, the colonnade was to shine the facade of the Hotel Saint-Louis des Invalides with its small domes and pavilions.

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The Church of St. Louis invalid is at a distance of 19.9 km from Orly Airport, 29.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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