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History and visit the Church of Saint-Pierre de Montmartre in Paris
The Saint-Pierre de Montmartre Church is a Catholic church built in 1133 and whose work was completed in 1147. It is located in France, in the Ile-de-France, in the department of Paris, in the 18th arrondissement. Compared to other churches, this is one of the oldest that is Paris. It was Pope Eugene III, who had celebrated the start of construction. She is currently at No. 2 Mount Cenis. It forms with the St John’s Church of Montmartre both single Catholic parish churches. It officially became a historical monument May 21, 1923.

At the current location of the church once stood an old temple dating from the seventh century. It discovered in 1875 the remains of sarcophagi which clearly reflected the Merovingian features. This temple was sacked by the Normans in 885 years and a reconstruction was again made 944. One hundred years later, the church was placed in the hands of Saint-Martin-des-Champs in 1096 after the reign of Saint-Denis. But still, the ruined state still had the upper hand and the Church was increasingly ramshackle until she was delivered to the hands of King Louis VI.

At this time, the queen Adele Savoie was married to King Louis VI and renovation of the church took place under the command of the Queen. Six centuries succeeded and the parish church was always the guy. In 1611, after the excavations, the old vault of Saint-Denis was discovered below the Church. During the wars, the apartments of the abbey of Montmartre were completely destroyed with the exception of the Church, it was spared because people always used the church as a place of worship. In those days, every church had a cemetery in their courses and that of the church of Saint-Pierre became a victim of the Revolution.

Again in 1900, the church underwent another renovation and it lasted five years. All Abbots who were at the head of the Church and Queen Adele currently based in the crypts of the Church. The Church does not contain many works of art apart from the famous cross Jose Ribera. The Church has always maintained its Merovingian sculpture and columns from that time are still present near the heart and organ case. Another cross made by Philippe Cottin also remains to this day in the church cemetery beneath a tree. In 1794, a tower was built, it was used as a support for the Chappe optical telegraph, the latter being a famous known to communicate even at a distance of several kilometers through. It was Claude Chappe was founded. The telegraph was used for over a hundred years and ceased to function in 1844.

The Church of Saint-Pierre de Montmartre been a tourist attraction because of its age and the history it contains. During the night, the tower is illuminated, making a beautiful sight. The large door is decorated Merovingian structures that are up to now one of a kind. The interior of the chapel was decorated simply, but we can see a very precise about how all the statues and decorative objects were made.

Transfer from the Church of Saint-Pierre de Montmartre to  Paris airports
The Saint-Pierre de Montmartre Church is 29 km from Orly Airport, 25 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85 km from Beauvais Airport.

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