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History and visit the Pasteur Institute in Paris
Founded in 1887 by Louis Pasteur, the Institut Pasteur is a private non-profit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases from vaccines foundation and research conducted in the laboratory. It is located at No. 25 and 28 rue du Docteur Roux, in the neighborhood Porte de Versailles – Trade in the 15th arrondissement of Paris . Some scientists of the institute were rewarded in 1908 with a Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology. This is the first international organization of research to isolate the AIDS virus in 1983. It is composed of 146 research units in ten departments including developmental biology , microbiology , immunology , cell biology , parasitology … It is also dedicated to the public health by providing the public center international vaccination , an anonymous screening, analysis and rabies laboratory center . The institute also has a Learning Centre which provides an interuniversity graduate. He is currently under the direction of Alice Dautry .

In 1885 , Louis Pasteur , a scientist, applied for the first time the anti rage a man at the Ecole Normale Superieure vaccine. To develop research , the Academy of Sciences launched an international public subscription in order to establish the institute . A decree of June 4, 1887 established the creation of the Institut Pasteur. The President of the Republic , Sadi Carnot inaugurated the Pasteur Institute November 14, 1888 . Pastor of a team of scientists surrounded with the opening of new laboratories. In 1889 , Dr. Emile Roux are dispensed a microbiology course that attracted a large number of European students. Some time later, several Pasteur Institute were established in different countries. Albert Calmette created one in Saigon in 1891, followed that of Tunis in 1893, and Algeria in 1894 , Nha Trang in 1895 , Madagascar in 1898 in Tangier in 1910 , in Dakar in 1923, Hanoi in 1925 Casablanca in 1929 … in 1932 , the vaccine against yellow fever was developed at the Pasteur Institute of Dakar . In the same year , Robin and Jean Georges Girard created the plague vaccine at the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar . In 1960 , the Institut Pasteur in Paris faced a financial problem .

In 1965, the French government granted him subsidies , provided that the activities of production and marketing are well separated from research . Since 1972 , the institute founded his own known as the Institut Pasteur Production company . During that year , the Board of Directors of the Pasteur Institutes was established in order to build bridges between the Institut Pasteur . In 1985, the production sectors of the Pasteur Institute were separated . Production of diagnostic products was attributed to Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur , while production of sera and vaccines returned to Pasteur Mérieux. In 1989 , membership of the Institute Pasteur community formally became the signature of the General Declaration of scientific cooperation . From there , Pasteur Institute continued to expand its network across the world.

Each year the Pasteur Institute hosts a large number of students in internship training and research , open to professional life and sabbatical training course. Every October, he asks for the support of public funding for research by the organization Pasteurdon .

Taxi transfer to the Pasteur Institute in Paris
The Pasteur Institute is located 14.5 kilometers from Orly Airport, 37.2 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 91 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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