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History and visit the Saint Louis en l’Ile Church in Paris

Lying in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, at the corner Poulletier and rue Saint-Louis-en-Ile, the church Saint-Louis en l’Ile is known to be one of the most charming and smaller parishes in the diocese of Paris. It took a whole century to make it complete. The church was built for Louis IX, after the story came to the Sovereign would gather on the island of cows and there would even be taken relics. This Parish is classified as a historical monument since May 20, 1915.

Initially it was a chapel built at the request of the first followers of the island. A few months later, we had a parish at that time bishop of the Cathedral had called Notre-Dame-en I’lile, it will be renamed “St. Louis” a dozen years later. In 1642, it became necessary to build a more imposing church, the population is being increased and the parish had a limited capacity. Construction of the new church did not begin until 1656, it will be François Le Vau who will be responsible for drawing up plans for the new building. We started to build the choir in 1664, but building it will be interrupted by the death of the architect Gabriel Duke will take over. A tragedy occurred February 2, 1702: The roof of the old church was partially destroyed by a storm, the disaster has claimed several lives.

It became urgent to finish the construction of the new parish. After the death of Gabriel Duke in 1702, other architects have succeeded Pierre Bullet, Jacques Doucet … the first stone of the nave was laid in 1702, construction will take twenty years. The construction of the church was finally completed in 1726, more than a century after the first parish. It was Jean de Caulet, bishop of Grenoble will have the honor to dedicate the new Parish. During the Revolution, the church was looted repeatedly before being sold as national Although a particular named Fountain, it was purchased in the amount of 60,000 francs. The Church of Saint-Louis en l’Ile will however acquired by the city in 1817. March 10, 1805, Pope Pius VII gave a mass in the church still recovering multiple damage the revolutionary wave.

The Church of Saint Louis en l’Ile initially adopted a Gothic style, but as restorations and alterations, architecture ends up taking a fundamentally baroque tilt. Its bell tower that has an obelisk, flat head, its colonnades, its ambulatory, vaulted arcades appearance … give it a look that is both simple and majestic, the perfect marriage of ancient and modern architecture.

The interior is all quite beautiful with its gilding, paintings, and stained glass windows … not to mention various religious ornaments. The tables come from all over Europe. They were collected through the generosity of Louis-Auguste Napoleon Bossuet, a generous patron who was also the pastor of the church at some point. Mention may be made among these splendid works the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help that comes from the East before being taken to Rome, this icon is said to be miraculous. The Church of St. Louis is also famous for its magnificent organ canonical we installed in 2005, this organ is the work of Bernard Aubertin.

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Saint Louis en l’Ile Church  is at a distance of 18.4 km from Orly Airport, 29.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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