Private car transfer to Isle Saint-Louis in Paris

The Ile Saint Louis is an island situated on the Seine and is related to the 4th district. It is just next to the Ile de la Cité and is part of the natural islands of the French capital. It is smaller compared to the Ile de la Cité with an area of ​​0.11 square kilometers. It had around 2,465 inhabitants in 2007. It has a density of 22409.09 persons per square kilometer. The inhabitants of this river island are called Ludoviens. This island is shaped like a parallelogram and headed northwest. It measures 525 meters long and 250 meters wide. Its diagonal can reach up to 700 meters.
The Ile Saint Louis is the southeastern boundary of the district. It forms, with the eastern part of the Ile de la Cité Notre Dame is the 16th district of the city of Paris neighborhood. Her name was part of the island Saint-Louis and was attached to the 9th district before 1860. Currently, there are five bridges to access on the Ile Saint Louis. The St. Louis bridge connects the island with the city, bridges and Marie Louis Philippe connect it with the right side, the bridge connects with Tournelle the left bank while the Sully bridge connects with the left bank and the right bank. Previously, it was called the Ile Notre-Dame. A narrow bridge was located at the place where the bridge of the current Tournelle. It was a place where goods were deposited, but also a place where the cattle have grazed. The setting up of fortification by Philippe Auguste in the 13th century divided the island into two parts. The game is called Island cows while the western part is called Ile Notre-Dame.
The Ile Saint-Louis was part of the urbanization of Henri IV programs. The urbanization work could not be carried out during the reign of Louis XIII. The general contractor bridges Christophe undertook the work. Of dwelling houses were installed on the island since 1640 despite the refusal of the canons of Notre Dame were the owner of the land. Work continued until the 17th century. The establishment of the streets took the form of a checkerboard. The Rue Saint-Louis en l’Isle is the main route of the island. Mansions began to settle in the island hence the name of the island palace. Include the Hotel Lambert, Le Vau, the hotel or the hotel Pierre Aubert Viola-Perrot. The building blocks of houses was completed in 1664. The architect Louis Le Vau has contributed to the achievement of these buildings.
The current name of this island was given in honor of Louis IX nicknamed Saint Louis. He often prayed on the island of cows. The Saint-Louis en l’Isle is located on this island. It is the work of architect François Le Vau. The Barye square is adorned by a monument to the sculptor Antoine Louis Barye. This island is famous for the scene of the Ile Saint-Louis is located on the Quai d’Anjou. The famous known for its sorbets Bertillon ice is placed on the rue Saint-Louis on the island. Stations closest to the metro island located on the right bank of the Seine, the Pont Marie metro and Sully-Morland metro.

The Ile Saint-Louis is located from Orly Airport at a distance of 16.9 km , 28.7 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from Beauvais Airport.

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