Transfer from airport to street Cour du commerce Saint-André in Paris

The street Cour du Commerce Saint-André begins at 59, rue Saint-André-des-Arts and ends at 21, rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 130 Boulevard Saint-Germain. It crosses the district coins in the 6th arrondissement of the French capital. It has dimension of 120 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. The creation of this road was made in 1776. It was formerly called Commercial street. The name it now bears was given March 16, 1877. It has three entrances that open onto the rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, rue André des Arts and the Boulevard Saint-Germain.
Thick walls surrounding Paris were built by Philippe Auguste from 1190 to 1220. The track was placed on ditches located Porte de Saint-Germain and the Porte de Nesle in 1582. Several events have succeeded within the walls of this street as the design of the guillotine by Schmidt carpenter in his workshop which was at number 9 or the printing of the newspaper friend of the people of Marat at number 8 of the street. The lawyer and politician Georges Jacques Danton lived in the Cour du Commerce from 1789. A statue of the latter is on the Place de l’Odeon. What made this place, a point of the French Revolution. It is part of Parisian sites that trace the fortresses of the city of Paris. The Cour du Commerce was built on the playing fields of palm. The name of this track can be explained by the presence of a large number of shops that borders. It was set up to connect the rue de l’Ancienne Comedie and the Rue Saint-André des Arts. Extension work has been done on the way to the entrance of the Boulevard Saint-Germain in 1776. Businesses that were on the street were opened during the 18th century. It is a vestige of the medieval period still harboring traces the time of Philip Augustus as the tower is at number 4 of the street. Several components of this street have been registered under a historic monument in 1987, including roofing, facades, glass as well as the three entrances to the street. It is served by the metro station Odeon and that the RATP bus line 63, 86 and 87.
The Cour du Commerce Saint-André is characterized by the presence of remnants of the institutions built during the reign of Philip Augustus. It hosts a large number of charming and historic institutions. This Cour still hosts several shops and restaurants today. It houses the oldest cafe in the city of Paris, Le Procope, founded in 1684 by Italian Franscesco Procopio Dei Coltelli. This place was frequented by the likes of Voltaire, Rousseau and Diderot. The famous brewery Relais Odeon Bistro 1900 and is also located in this Cour. The entrance to the courtyard which is located on the Boulevard Saint-Germain is characterized by a bow equipped with beautiful sculptures. The arch is crowned by the registration street Trade Saint-André. On each side of the bow is a statue acting as a column. It also leads to the street Cour of Rohan.

The  street Cour of Commerce Saint-André is located at a distance of 18.2 km from Orly Airport, 31.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport  to street Cour of Commerce Saint-André and 88.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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