Private shuttle transport to Hotel de Sully in Paris

The Hotel de Sully is a converted mansion in the center of national monuments. It is located on the Rue Saint-Antoine in the fourth district of the French capital. It is located in the Marais district. It is built in a Louis XIII style. Construction of this building was made in the 17th century. The architects who contributed to the construction of this building are Androuet Hoop and Jean François Le Vau. It is classified as a historic monument since 1862 while its garden is classified in 1953. It is served by the metro station Saint-Paul.
The Hotel de Sully was built between 1625 and 1630 for the comptroller Mesme Gallet. But February 23, 1634, the building was purchased by Maximilien de Bethune, Duke of Sully. It is the latter that has completed the decorations of the building. The second Duke of Sully has built an additional wing on the west side of the building by François Le Vau in 1660. Until the 18th century, the hotel was owned by this family. Several owners have then succeeded in the building. It then housed shops and artisans in the 19th century. This transformation has led to the degeneration of the building. It became state property in 1944. Restoration works were established and ended in 1973. The work was done in accordance with plans and engravings of the time. Since 1967, he received the national fund of historical monuments and transformed into the center of national monuments in 2000 sites. The center is a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Highlight the assets under its responsibility according to this establishment. It promotes the development of tourism and the French cultural life. It also ensures the restoration work to preserve the heritage and better for future generations. Photography exhibitions were held in Hotel de Sully between 1994 and 2000.
The Hotel de Sully has a terrace with a balustrade that crowns the door. The facade of the hotel is composed by three separated by lines etched into the wall to accent and mimic the layout of masonry joints floors. The main entrance is decorated by two sphinxes that are placed on the outside staircase. Two statues of the fall and winter adorn the window that crowns the entrance to the building. While the wing on the left side is decorated with figures representing the earth and while that on the right side is adorned with figures representing the air and fire. A hallway leads to the beautiful garden. The rear facade of the building is decorated with statues representing the summer and spring. Another small building named Sully is located in the garden of the hotel. This is an orangery built from 1634 to 1641. The center of national monuments covering a large number of French monuments like the cave of Pair-non-Pair, Castle Dens, the Château de la Motte-Tilly, the cathedral of Besançon, the Sainte Chapelle and the Arc de Triomphe. This hotel has a main body made with stone.

The mansion Hotel de Sully in Paris is at a distance of 18.2 km from Orly Airport, 28.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Hotel de Sully  and 88.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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