Private transfer to town of Aiserey in Burgundy


History of town Aiserey in Burgundy

Aiserey is a commune of France, which is located in the department of Côte d’Or and the Burgundy region. The Burgundy Canal passes through the town of Aiserey. This is the only town where you can find candy in the Burgundy region. And every year on the second Sunday of every September, the tradition of celebrating "Day Sugar" is celebrated Aiserey.


Tourism and activities in Aiserey in Burgundy

Aiserey has remarkable historical monuments. Tourists are invited to explore the city and its buildings are very interesting. The common Aiserey has two main historical monuments including the castle and the church of Aiserey Aiserey. Both buildings are located in the village center. Aiserey Castle was built in 1732 by Bernard Pouffier Hector, but was completely built in 1732 and is part of the national property during the Revolution. In the church, it was once a chapel and was converted into a church around the year 880. In addition, you have the advantage to relax to enjoy open spaces of the city. For this you can organize hiking.

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Transfers to Aiserey to  from Paris airports.

Aiserey is located 19 km south-east of Dijon and 283 km from Paris. This destination locates 338 km from Orly airport, 370 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 436 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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