Private car service from Roissy CDG to avenue de Ruysdaël in Paris


History and visit the Avenue of Ruysdael in Paris

The avenue is a way of Ruysdael located in Paris’s 8th arrondissement. It crosses the area of Europe. It starts in place of Rio de Janeiro, at the intersection of Lisbon street, the Rue de Monceau and Messina Avenue and ends at the Parc Monceau. The opening of the avenue of Ruysdael was conducted in 1867. The name of this avenue was given in honor of the famous Dutch painter Jacob van Ruisdael.

Avenue of Ruysdael has famous hotels like Hotel Hotel Crosnier and Dreyfus. The hotel is a hotel Dreyfus acquired by Auguste Dreyfus, a former businessman. It was a great collector of works of art he owned paintings by Zurbaran, Goya, Ruysdael, Corot. The second floor of the hotel Dreyfus was used to store hundreds of pieces of fine fabrics like cushions embroidered Persian silk dresses and machines.

Number 4 Avenue Hotel housed Ruysdael Menier. It was built in 1875 by architect Jules Pellechet. It was bought in 1878 by Gaston Menier. The floor of the hotel is then intended to theatrical performances and receptions. Alsatian brewer Émile Bieckert owned a hotel at number 6 this avenue.

Transfer to the Avenue de Paris at Ruysdael
Avenue of Ruysdael is at a distance of 26.7 km from Orly Airport to 29.1 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.1 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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