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The Château de la Muette is a remarkable tourist site that is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It is located near the Bois de Boulogne, in a field where three castles existed chronologically from the Renaissance.


Description of the Chateau de la Muette

The Château de la Muette offers a wide main building flanked by two large wings and several pieces that depend on it. It contains a large living room which has been converted into a meeting room to accommodate the council of permanent representatives of the OEEC. The castle also has a room that has the name "Roger Ockrent room" and another called "Room George Marshall."


History of the Chateau de la Muette

The name "Muette" which was attributed to the castle is the source of much debate, as it could have several meanings, including: it can locate the deer is moved to the hawks or assign pack hunting dogs. The Château de la Muette is a building that was built around the turn of the century by the Rothschild family instead of two castles fell into disrepair with the Queen Margot and that of Louis XV. During the German occupation, the Chateau de la Muette was invaded by the army. Then in 1961 the OEEC (Organization for European Economic Cooperation), which was made his successor global basis. In the Middle Ages, the Chateau de la Muette was a castle shrine of the Kings of France until the day when Charles IX decided to rebuild and make a magnificent castle he offered his daughter known as the Queen Margot. Then Philippe d’Orleans took the initiative to expand into a larger castle. At the time of Louis XV, major renovations were made to the castle between 1741 and 1749 years. The work was undertaken by famous architects, Jacques V. Jacques Ange Gabriel and Gabriel.


Significant events of the Chateau de la Muette

In 1750, the cabinet of curiosities of the crown was built in the gardens of La Muette. In 1743, a large path in the forest of bolts was built under the orders of Louis XV in order to admire the castle of Bellevue from Chateau de la Muette. During the revolution, the curio cabinet is destroyed and the tools that were were brought to the Paris Observatory. Thereafter, the castle was cut and sold in pieces. In 1820, the entire property back to Sebastian Erard who undertook a beautification of the castle rises two floors and more. It has built a remarkable gallery where he installed a large collection of paintings. Between the years 1921 and 1922, the palace was completely rebuilt by Henri de Rothschild opting for an architecture of the eighteenth century. This is the Chateau de la Muette Louis XVI received dinner, the Emperor Joseph II, brother of Marie Antoinette. It is also from the castle that Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis d’Arlandes could fly in a balloon. The castle became a possession of the state during the revolution. Between the two world wars, fascinating performances were held in the Chateau de la Muette, where exhibitions of the Rothschilds are organized. These galleries were held in several parts of the building and the room which is nowadays one of the OEEC Council.


Visit the Chateau de la Muette

During the visit to the Chateau de la Muette, you can admire the remains of the legend of France and her kings through the exhibitions that are in the building. On the top of the door of the castle include the crest of the five arrows symbolizing the five branches of the Rothschild family.

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Transfer from the Château de la Muette to the Paris airports

The Château de la Muette is 22.1 km from Orly Airport, 87.7 miles from Beauvais Tille Airport and 30.5 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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