How to get from CDG aiport to the Champs-Elysées area ?




The Champs-Elysées avenue provides sightseers the quintessential experience of Paris attraction. The Louvre, Tuilerie Gardens, Place de Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe are some of the must-see landmarks in the neighborhood. This district has also big hub-stores, exclusive perfume houses, upscale nightspots, eateries, chic restaurants which are popular haunts for tourists. If you a plan a trip to Paris and you schedule a stay in a hotel near this area, here are a few tips to help you reach the Elysées area from CDG airport. Knowing beforehand which transport you have to take spare you bad surprises when arriving

This type of transport is becoming more and more common. This is especially the case with businessmen and tourists. They even opt, sometimes, for the shared shuttle. This option is popular as it avoids the unnecessary stress of checking taxi availability or finding metro stations and bus stops. Upon your arrival, your private pre-booked airport transfer driver will be waiting for you. He will help you load your luggage into a luxury vehicle and drive you comfortably to your hotel.

This makes travelling easier though its cost is more expensive than other means of transportation. If you need a hassle-free and enjoyable transfer, you can book in advance your ride from Charles de Gaulle airport to the Elysées area in our website. Thus, you can focus entirely on your business or your vacation and less time about deciphering the city map or locating the bus station. With this option, you can also make a stop or detours along the way. Note that private airport transfer offers a fixed rate even in case of late arrival or hectic traffic.

With this option, you have other passengers travelling with you in the comfortable car. It has also its advantages since it avoids you the risk of being lost or other potential problems of confusion. Yet is not as comfortable and high quality as a private airport transfer since may can travel with a group of loud-talkers which might annoy you. This service takes about 55 mn to reach the Elysées area.

This means of transport is available to anybody and it can help you get nice views of Paris. Yet, it is very slow during rush hour and if your time is limited this is the worst choice. The line 2 of this bus moves from CDG to Champs Elysées. It operates from 5.45 am to each day and arrives every thirty minutes. It costs about 17 euros par adult and 10 euros par child and it takes 55 mn. BUS RATP with Roissybus serves also this destination in Paris. It takes 1 h 7 mn to get to the city center in the Elysées area. The ticket costs 18 to 21 dollars.

The express underground runs from 5 a.m to 12:15 a.m. There are line every 15 mn. It takes 55 mn to get to the Elysées for 10 euros. This means of transport is fast but you need an English-speaking person to give you directions unless you might get lost. If you have to carry lot of luggage, or if you arrive late at night or if you’re looking for a high quality transfer, this might not be a convenient means of transport.

Taxis are as expensive as private airport transfer and they are safe and clean but you can be easily overcharged with the taxi meter in case of huge traffic jam or during the weekend. It takes 29 mn to reach Champs Elysées. The drive costs 70 to 85 dollars. If you choose Über, it takes 29 mn to get to this area. The cost of this drive is about 45 to 65 dollars.

This is the cheapest way to get to this Champs Elysées. This costs you only 4 to 7 dollars

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