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History and visit the Rue Marx Dormoy in Paris
Rue Marx Dormoy is located in Paris, in the districts  of the Chapelle  and the Goutte d’Or. Belonging to the 18th arrondissement, it starts at the Place de la Chapelle and Jessaint Street and ends the streets Ordener, Philippe de Riquet and Girardet. Its length extends over 590 m and 60 m wide.

This street was originally included within the route from Paris to Saint-Denis, before reaching the village of La Chapelle said l’Estrée. Before 1945, this road ended at the southern part of the rue de la Chapelle. She had many different names such as Royal Road No. 1, High Street or rue de la Chapelle-Franciade the Revolution, grande rue de la Chapelle. In 1814, it was renamed rue du Faubourg of Glory and Rue de la Chapelle. On 7 July 1945, took its current name in honor of Marx Dormoy who was minister of the French interior. This was murdered July 26, 1941.

At No. 57 on the street Marx Dormoy formerly erected a hostel called himself Hostellerie du Coq Hardi. Managed by Lefaucheux, he attracted many people during the fairs Lendit. From 1846 to 1860, the mayor of La Chapelle was erected on the site, followed by a school and then Mécanothérapie Institute and a popular library. The building was demolished in 1907. It was rebuilt a year later and became a school. At No. 5, there was a cafe-concert called Gaite Parisienne then changed in the Eden of the Chapel, who died in 1901.

Transfer to the Rue Marx Dormoy in Paris
Rue Marx Dormoy is located 25.8 kilometers from Orly Airport, 24.9 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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