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History and visit St. Paul Baudry in Paris

St. Paul Baudry belongs to the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It crosses the Faubourg du Roule. It begins at the rue de Ponthieu and ends at the rue d'Artois. The creation of this road was made in 1829. Before taking its current name in 1888, which is in honor of the painter Paul Baudry, she called Fortin street. St. Paul Baudry opened following a royal order dated November 4, 1829. It is built on land belonging to the lawyer Jean Joseph Fortin. She width to 12 meters. She joined the rue de Ponthieu and rue d'Artois Stables currently rue d'Artois. Construction of the road started only in 1837.

Like all the other streets of the French capital, it has specific buildings. It houses the Hotel de Wendel was built in 1856. It spreads over an area of ​​4700 square meters. It was the home of Mrs. Robert Wendel, the Duke de Maille, and Humbert de Wendel. It successively housed the headquarters of the administrative services of the "little son of company F. Wendel and Co., "and the seat of a mutual. Restorations were carried out in 2006 and hosts & Mackenzie law firm Baker. The Hotel de la Vicomtesse de Courval is located on this street. Rearrangements have been made to the building by the architect Pierre Louis Faloci to receive Aref bank. The restaurant "The neck of the Giraffe" is located on this street.

Transfer to St. Paul Baudry in Paris
St. Paul Baudry is located at a distance of 22.6 km from Orly Airport, 30.1 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 86.2 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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