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History and visit the Rue de la Harpe in Paris

This street Ve arrondissement of Paris is used to connect the boulevard Saint-Germain Boulevard Saint-Michel, continuing until Huchette street, formerly called Vielle-buckles. This street takes its name from a sign that was there once after wearing the name rue de l’Ecole de Medecine, St. Cosmas and Hoirs Harcourt.

Tourists who go exploring the rue de la Harpe apercevront how easily this street derives its unrivaled beauty of the presence of a large number of buildings that make up the palace of Thermes. The corner of Two Doors housed a hotel built in the sixteenth century, inhabited by the abbots and Crebillon Choisy. After welcoming Chaumette, Hégésipe Moreau, the hotel was destroyed in 1840. The No. 171 was once the printer Momoro, one of the party leaders Hébertist.

Between No. 110 and 123 was the Saint-Michel which gave access to the house of Philip Augustus. This gate was built in l200 and had been visible at that location until the mid-seventeenth century. In 1684, the gate was demolished to make way for a fountain in the desire to serve Bullet decor.
Historically, the No. 85 is known by the College of Seez which was built there in 1427 by Gregory Langlois, Bishop of Seez. Rebuilt in 1730, then in 1763, the college incorporates thereafter the University.

Any width of the highway was initially set at 10 m by a ministerial decision dated 3 Germinal X, then increased to 13 m by the Royal Decree of 25 November 1836.

Transfer to the Rue de la Harpe in Paris
Rue de la Harpe is 19.2 km from Orly airport, 33.4 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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