Private car transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Bourges


History of  the town of Bourges

Located in the department of Cher and the Centre region, Bourges is a town in France. The city was in ancient times the name Avaricum. The name meant wearing the yere. In the fifth century BC, Bourges knows the development of a large proto-urban center. Several archaeological evidence made in Saint-Martin-des-Champs area to better understand the importance of craft activities in the socio-economic progress at that time. At the end of the fifth century BC, the town was largely abandoned. It is from the second century before Christ it is reoccupied.


Tourism and visits to Bourges

During its history, the city has managed to preserve its heritage. So, during your stay in the city you will be pleased to see the rich and sumptuous monuments such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral. New gothic style, this building was erected in the late twelfth century. This was the subject of a registration as World Heritage by UNESCO. You will discover within the astronomical clock designed in 1424 and the great organ of the fifteenth century. During your visit, do not miss the Palais Jacques Heart. This building was completed in 1450. Other monuments are yet to observe namely hotel Minard, the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Sulpice and the old store "Ladies of France." These have been the subject of a registration as a historic monument. See also the museum Maurice Esteve, the remains of the Gallo-Roman ramparts and the remains of the palace of the Duke Jean de Berry. Other sites to visit in the city include the hotel aldermen, the hotel and the hotel Cujas Lallemant.

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Transfer from Bourges to Paris airports

The town of Bourges is located 98 km from Orleans and 199 km from Paris. It is located 239 km from Orly airport, 272 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 341 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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