Private van transportation from Charles de Gaulle airport to Ardentes


History of Ardentes

Ardentes is one of the municipalities of France. It is located in the department of Indre and the Centre region. The town was known as Alerta at its creation by the Romans. This city was once situated on a Roman road. Indeed, it was on the path to Argentomagus Avaricum. Earlier stages, the town was divided into two municipalities, including Saint-Martin and Saint-Vincent. It was in 1839 that these two sites are unified.


Tourism and visits Ardentes

During its history, the city has managed to preserve its heritage. Thus, you have the opportunity to visit several tourist attractions during your stay in the area.

The Church of St. Martin is the flagship of the artistic and historical heritage of the city. Indeed, it was ranked as a historic monument in 1862. This fortress was built in the twelfth century. The building of Romanesque architecture was based on the location placed an ancient cult. This dates back to the Gallo-Roman era.

In addition, you can admire the old forges of the city. They were inaugurated in 1670. They were grouped into three namely the upper forge, the lower forge and forging Isle. Currently, there are only a few remains of the ironworks including the old bakery oven.

Other attractions are still present in the city such as the castle and the castle Claviere Bonnet of Villejovet and Ardentes. You may also notice the old Roman road, St. Vincent Church and the memorial.

To visit the city, our transfer service is available to make a vehicle reservation according to your needs. Our collections include three cars whose collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car. These cars provide the trip in the city and around the city. A driver will accompany you during the trip.


Transfer from Ardentes to Paris airports

The Ardentes City is 13 km from Chateauroux and 239 km from Paris. It is located 271 km from Orly airport, 304km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 373 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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