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History and visit the Rue des Grands-Augustins in Paris

Street in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the rue des Grands-Augustins connects the rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts on the Quai des Grands-Augustins. The name of the rue des Grands-Augustins refers to a convent that was once near the Seine. To the 13th century, this street bore the names of Street to the Abbot of Saint-Denis and Rue des Ecoles-Saint-Denis.

Savoy Street, opened on the site of the former Hotel Hercules, leads into the rue des Grands-Augustins. The rue des Grands-Augustins is among the most historic streets of Paris. Indeed, it is in this street qu’habita the master station Sainte-Menehould, Jean Baptiste Drouet who had been responsible for the arrest of Louis XVI at Varennes. This man then sat on the bench of members of the Convention.

Technically, the rue des Grands-Augustins starts at No. 51 Quai des Grands-Augustins and ends at No. 52 Rue Saint-André-des-Arts. This street measure 213 meters. The lesser width of the rue des Grands-Augustins was set to 8 meters in a ministerial decision of 13 Fructidor VII. This width was later increased to 10 meters in execution of a royal decree issued in August 1840.

The rue des Grands-Augustins has several specific sites that contain many interesting stories. At No. 21 is the birthplace of the writer Emile Littre. French composer Charles Gounod occupied a house at No. 20. The famous mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace remained until 1802 in a house at No. 12 rue des Grands-Augustins.

Transfer to the rue des Grands-Augustins in Paris
The rue des Grands-Augustins is located 19.9 km from Orly airport, 34.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.5 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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