Private car transportation to the Castle Valençay in the Loire Valley


History and visit the Castle Valençay in the Loire Valley

Valençay Castle is located in Berry, it is remarkable for its two styles of Renaissance and Classical architecture. The building is fully furnished and decorated with beautiful French gardens and a park in English. This monument was acquired by Napoleon to his Foreign Minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand in 1803.

Valençay Castle is an ancient feudal fortress built in the time of Louis XIII. At that time, he already had a vast park. It is based on the site of a former castle. Between the seventeenth century and eighteenth century, the castle was in the hands of Talleyrand.

Various points of interest are present in this magnificent Castle. In fact, the park and the castle are prestigious events including the visits to fairy lights with candles that perform concerts in its small theater built in 1810.

For discoveries Valençay Castle, tourists have the opportunity to admire the collection of Louis XVI furniture. A visit to the forest that spans 50 Han is also interesting in this regard. Play activities are not to be missed during a visit to the castle. Small and large have a game on the Napoleonic legend in places like the castle park, the Grand Labyrinth Napoleon and the largest maze-game France.

And to discover the wonders of the castle and its constituent, tourists are invited to choose a means of transport for their journey from their address or from the Paris airports to Castle Valençay. For this we offer you our service and efficient transfer price. Our collection of comfortable and well-equipped vehicles include: collective shuttle, private car and luxury car VIP. The atmosphere will be provided throughout your trip.


Transfer from Paris airports to Castle Valençay  in the Loire Valley

Castle Valençay is 224 km from Orly airport, 257 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport and 326 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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