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For walkers, Gerberoy is the ideal small town with the remains left by its history. Located 180 meters above sea level, it is nicknamed “the jewel of the Oise” : opt for a private chauffeured car service to go Gerberoy .

Important role in the wars of the Middle Ages

The city of Gerberoy has existed for over a thousand years and has always had a strategic place in the events that have marked the history of France since it is located on the border of France and Normandy. The first castle was built in 885. It played an important role in the wars of the Middle Ages. Since 912, the fort became a strategic place until the eleventh or even the sixteenth century. He was even besieged three times during this period. According to the story, it was disputed by the English and the French. In the eleventh century, William the Bastard who was the King of England fought France in this city and suffered a bitter defeat. The title of “smallest town in France” was granted to Gerberoy by Philippe Auguste in 1202. Then, he again took possession of Gerberoy.

The village with a thousand roses

Gerberoy witnessed the Hundred Years War. In 1418, it was occupied successively by the Burgundians and the English before being taken over by the Count of Clermont in 1432. This caused the ruin of the city and the flight of its inhabitants. She was five times besieged during this war. In 1435, Charles VII, in full battle, sent a considerable troop with Xaintrailles and Lahire and caused the defeat of the English. Afterwards, she was uninhabited. It ceased to be a stronghold, especially since Charles the Bold burned in 1435.

Thus, it was in the hands of the English between 1419 and 1450 but remained French. The village has been looted and destroyed and has had a peaceful life only since the 15th century. His story was blood and misery with assaults, sieges, the shock of armor, the cry of the dying, the brutal rush of warriors.

The village is reborn from the ashes at the arrival of the painter Henri Le Sidaner who is at the origin of the name “the village with a thousand roses”. Even if Gerberoy is small in size, you will be able to do so many historical visits.

The town of Gerberoy has preserved its houses made of wood, mud, bricks and flint dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. From the 1st Sunday of June, the town becomes a rosary with all these roses climbing on the walls and facades of houses. A village with a hundred inhabitants, visiting the city does not take much time. During a family walk, you can enjoy its pretty cobbled streets while immersing yourself in the glorious past of the village. The ruins of the old fortress, the tree-lined ramparts allow you to enjoy an exit in the relaxation. Do not miss the alley Saint-Amant and its hazel trees.

At the municipal museum, right on the first floor of the Hôtel de Ville, are exhibited ancient works recounting its history, pottery from the region and works by contemporary painters including those of the painter Henri Le Sidaner. You can also discover moments of festivities such as :

  • the “Rose Festival”, every 3rd Sunday of June,
  • the “Marché du Terroir”, the last Sunday of November.

For your family stay, we can offer different types of vehicle (s) that can accommodate 8 people.

A pretty village in Picardy, Gerberoy has it all. For a detour, it reveals its charms.

Collegiate Church Saint-Pierre Gerberoy

Its creation by the college of canons lasted four centuries. Since the village was the scene of incessant battle, it had to be rebuilt in the 15th century. Of Roman and Gothic style, the church consists of a nave covered with a frame and vaulted wood, a transept and a choir of stone accompanied by two small chapels. The stalls of the canons are for mercy. The centerpiece of the collegiate is undoubtedly the chapter room the sacristy. All this embellished Aubusson tapestries of the seventeenth century and a Louis XV style candlestick. These details make the building a historical monument since 1984.

Henri-Le Sidaner Gardens

Backed by the Saint-Pierre collegiate church, Henri Le Sidaner moved 4,000 m² to create three monochrome gardens. These are the white garden, the rose garden and the yellow and blue garden where he builds the Temple of Love. For 6 €, you can make the discovery and the studio-museum of the painter. They open these doors from May 01 to September 30 for the year 2019. The dates vary each year. The gardens were arranged as and by the great grandchildren. As a comment, they received the “Jardin Remarquable” label and obtained a star in the Michelin Green Guide.

Garden of yew

Carved according to the principles of topiary art, the garden is composed of box trees and yews tricentennial more precisely and exceeding twelve meters in height. It has been designed as an outdoor “green lounge”. Delphine and Pierre Higonnet opened it to the public in 2016. You can visit the garden for € 5 from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The restaurant serves a country bistronomy. To enjoy the splendor of the garden, what better than to sit on the terrace of the tea room.

The vineyards of Clos Gerberoy

Since 2004, a former wasteland has become a vineyard. It is an association founded by Jean-Pierre HIS, Étienne Le SIDANER and Louis VALLOIS. Their first harvest was in 2009. The second offered an exceptional vintage. The work of these thirty harvesters led to the bottling of 750 bottles for the vintage. This association works towards children and aims above all to help safeguard the heritage of Gerberoy. It offers a guided tour of the vineyard but also a gourmet visit with tastings.

Gallery-Workshop of the painter Heveraet

René Heveraet is a painter who makes a hundred paintings a year. His works represent still lifes, landscapes and flowers made with precise details. He is at the same time Ambassador of the Regional Committee of Tourism of Picardie and member of the “House of Artists”. He opens the doors of his gallery every weekend and he performs exhibitions in salons and museums in Picardie and Ile de France. To take advantage of Gerberoy, we offer a car service always on time.

Small village in the department of Oise in the Picardie region, Gerberoy is ranked among “the most beautiful villages in France”. For information, it is located just 19 km from Saint Paul Park and 78 km from the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Senlis. Gerberoy is less than 100 km from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG) and 26 km from Beauvais Airport.

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