Private shuttle to visit the town Ajou in Normandy

History of the city of Ajou in Normandy

Ajou is a commune of France, which is located in the department of Eure and the Haute-Normandie region. The common Ajou is a merger of three parishes including Mancelles parish, the parish of Saint-Aubin and Saint-Jacques de la Barre in the years 1795 and 1800. Between the years 1181-1189, several French linguists have tried to break the toponym name "Add." These language specialists namely: Albert Dauzat, Rosting Charles François de Beaurepaire, Michel Lejeune and Leon Fleuriot have different ways of doing this decomposition. Judged by Gallic origin and Charles Albert Dauzat Rosting who had the same thing, Ajou is a Latinized form French, but according to François de Beaurepaire is a derivative of a Gaulish suffix.


Tourism and sightseeing in the city of Ajou in Normandy

Ajou is a town that is full of remarkable places. It gives visitors the benefit of its exploration sites that may be of interest to lovers of history that those who come to learn. Such is the case of the Church of Mancelles and also the castle of Saint-Aubin-sur-Risle.

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Transfers between Paris airports and Ajou in Normandy

The common Ajou is situated approximately 27 km south-west of Evreux and 114 km from Paris. This town is located about 138 km from Orly airport, 182 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 149 km from the airport of Charles de Gaulle.

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