Private transfer to Le Cadre Noir ENE de Saumur in the Loire Valley


History of Black Frame ENE of Saumur  in the Loire Valley

Black Frame Saumur is characterized by a national riding school. This school has inherited a legacy of prestige. This area is located in the region of Pays de la Loire. It is the seat of France Riding Pole. Squires Frame Black Saumur are professors in this place.

It was towards the end of the sixteenth century the Protestant university was built in the town of Saumur. It focused on the establishment of a riding academy led by Monsieur de Saint-Vual. This is the famous Duplessis who had the idea of ​​founding the University.

School of Saumur was born in 1814. At that time, it was established as an armory and a carousel to teach the principles of military riding. In 1828, Black Frame was founded. It consisted of riding instructors of the School of Cavalry. It is from 1972 that the National Riding School was built, and around the Black Frame. Today, Black frame includes civilian and military.

In 2011, UNESCO declared the French tradition of riding the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. It says that the Black Frame holds an important place in the region and elsewhere.

During a visit to the Black Frame ENE of Saumur, tourists can go behind the scenes of a unique school in France. To see the wonders and is the largest arena, stables and tack prestige. Along the route, visitors have the opportunity to discover the history of Black Frame since its inception.

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Transfer from Paris airports to the ENE of Saumur Black Frame  in the Loire Valley

Black Frame ENE of Saumur is located 311 km from Orly airport, 344 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 413 km from Beauvais Airport.


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