Private transfer to Aisey-sur-Seine in Burgundy


History of the town of Aisey-sur-Seine in Burgundy

Aisey-sur-Seine is a commune of France, located in the Côte d’Or region and Burgundy. In the past, the village was besieged by a manor where the existence of a fortified house with a game park well preserved. Between the years 1891 and 1933, it was connected by a railway, at Chatillon-sur-Seine, Dijon and Baigneux-the-Jews.


Tourism and visits to Aisey-sur-seine

The village of Aisey-sur-Seine is a town that has tourist attractions to the delight of lovers of history. Hiking along the Seine give benefit to tourists who are on vacation at the same time. The two bridges on the Seine make them wonder like the pigeonhole , an impressive building by its architecture and its form. Do not miss a visit to the castle of Tavannes, a castle became private property, but open during Heritage Days. It is a monument that was built between the years 1735 and 1744. The chapel was founded between 1749 and 1751; entrance pavilions by cons were built between 1742 and 1744. The fortress was built as a regular form "L".

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Transfer from Aisey-sur-Seine to Paris airports.

Aisey-sur-Seine is located 58 km south-west of Chaumont and 208 km from Paris. This destination is located 250 km from Orly airport, 336 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 346 from Paris Beauvais airport.


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