Private van transportation between Charles de Gaulle airport and Bernay



Transfer from the town of Bernay to Paris airports

Bernay, situated 130 km from Paris, is well-connected to several major airports: 161 km from Paris Beauvais Tille, 200 km from Charles-de-Gaulle, and 195 km from Orly Airport. When traveling from these airports to Paris, considering factors like cost, convenience, luggage, and comfort is crucial. Taxis offer direct routes but can be expensive, especially with traffic variability. Public transport, including the RER and metro, presents a more budget-friendly option but may pose challenges with heavy luggage or after long flights. Given these factors, shuttle services from CDG provide a balanced solution, offering direct, comfortable transit without the high costs associated with taxis or the hassles of public transportation. For those traveling from Orly, consider the shuttle service from Orly. Additionally, explore Paris’s attractions via private vehicle services for a comprehensive travel experience.

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