Private van transportation from Paris airports to Senlis


History of the town of Senlis

Senlis is a French commune located in the department of Oise and Picardy. In the twelfth century, the city experienced a period this sumptuous and the reign of Louis VI. Fault of the Hundred Years War the fourteenth and fifteenth century the town was devastated and economic wealth has collapsed. Senlis is rebuilt at the end of the fifteenth. Although very weak, the town increases its defenses under Louis XI. In the sixteenth century, the city pushes the Leaguers and supports at the same time the cause of Henry IV. This gave the town tax benefits in order to thank for his faithfulness and loyalty. A commemorative plaque shows that recognition and is placed on the Town Hall.


Tourism and visits to Senlis

Senlis has an exceptionally rich heritage, the Notre Dame Cathedral is one. This building was built in the twelfth and thirteenth century Gothic style. It is classified as a historical monument. The arena is a Gallo-Roman building show. It dates from the era I century BC. Tours are suggested from February to December. The priory of Saint-Maurice was founded in 1260 in order to host the relic of Saint-Maurice. Formerly, the old ruined Abbey of Saint-Vincent was rebuilt by Queen Anne of Kiev in 1065. You can visit the remains of the church of Saint-Aignan. The church was built in the eleventh century. The Saint-Faubourg was built in the tenth century.

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Transfer from Senlis to Paris airports

Senlis is located 9 km from Creil and 42 km from Paris. The destination is 28 miles from Charles de Gaulle airport, 54 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 65 km from Orly airport.

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