Private van transportation to Aunoy Castle

The Aunoy castle located in the town of Champeaux and in the department of Seine-et-Marne. It is the center of a park 45 miles southeast of Paris. It is a nice and cozy thanks to its romantic beauty field.


Description of Aunoy castle

The Aunoy castle is a residence occupying an area of ​​70 hectares. It is surrounded by a park with Watteau sixteen hectares of greenery. The park is one of the first gardens were built by the English architecture. It is a strange garden which is partly decorated with tilt and a bathroom with an island. It contains a cave, an orangery and a vegetable garden and an orchard. It has many factories dating from the eighteenth century and a cottage, an obelisk and tournelle. The ruins of the old castle are also found in this park. Swamp the heart of the forest fence in pheasant Castle Aunoy. The pheasant leads to an inner courtyard of the castle consists of a shaft and an inner atrium. The Aunoy palace is characterized by several rooms, including the living hearts, the lantern room and dining buffets. Another room is devoted to further meetings. The Aunoy castle was built without a timber or timber architecture to avoid the risk of fire. Instead, the architects have built "Catalan vaults" or called "Saracen" and arches plastering. This structure has submitted a construction of walls measuring more than two meters in size.


History of the castle Aunoy

The first castle was built was originally a Gothic style, but was destroyed by fire to the year 1750. The present castle was built by Jean Baptiste Chabert, a Parisian financier, on a site other than the previous. It is also known under the name of the pretty "madness" of Louis XV. The castle has since Roman times remains of sculptures that were made in marble and located near a swamp. In 1837, following the death of the Marquis de La Tour du Pin-Montauban, the castle was Aunoy victim for damages that were created by the "black belt". The black band is an association of traders who aim to get castles and monuments by following the revolution to destroy and sell building materials. At that time, the pieces of Aunoy castle were stolen, but this does not cause her destruction. Between 1811 and 1848 years, the Aunoy castle was transformed into a center of a large area where laborers worked.


The main events of the castle Aunoy

Between 1750 and 1760 years, the park that borders the Aunoy castle was built in English. Then the personality of Saint-Fare and especially Heloise and Abelard, the famous lovers enhances the fief. The Aunoy castle was registered as an historic monument since April 25, 1986 with its courtyard, its moats, walls, gates and park. Ahmed Ben Bella was kept under house arrest in the castle Aunoy 7 December 1961 until 20 March 1962.


Activities in the castle Aunoy

Currently, the Aunoy Castle is an area where the premises of the pheasant can be rented for organizing various events. The reception rooms of the pheasant can entertain guests in a charming and peaceful environment. Against by the park can be explored during the summer season. You could pay you lots of entertainment like a walk in the park, mountain biking and sightseeing. However, you may go horseback riding or go fishing on the ponds to improve your stay in the castle Aunoy.

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Transfer from Castle Aunoy to Paris airports

The Castle Aunoy is 57.9 km from Orly airport, 146 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 69.8 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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