Shared car service from Paris Orly to Père Lachaise cemetery


A cemetery is not at first place the tourist site not to be missed for those who come to visit Paris. But it is a place full of stories and anecdotes that will fascinate the curious. Also, if you have to attend funerals in the largest cemetery in Paris, or visit Père Lachaise district,  we found the best car service for you. From Paris to Père Lachaise cemetery, we offer our collective car service that will take you to the designated place of your reservation and will then take you to your destination. Find in this article the things to see in Pere Lachaise cemetery and its surroundings.

This necropolis of 44 ha located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris is the most visited cemetery in the French capital. We owe the name of this house of the dead to the teacher of King XIV called Lachaise. The place mixes park, place of recollection and cemetery famous personalities like :

  • Guillaume Apollinaire,
  • Molière,
  • Jean de la Fontaine,
  • Balzac,
  • Musset’s Alfre,
  • Colette,
  • Oscar Wilde,
  • Jim Morrison,
  • Yves Montand,
  • Frederic Chopin,
  • Simone Signoret,
  • Edith piaf ,
  • Sarah Bernhardt,
  • Théodore Géricault …

The list is far from exhaustive. Some of these tombs stand out for their architecture. For example, the tomb of the British writer who lived in France for a long time, Oscar Wilde. His tomb with a winged sphinx is classified as a historical monument. You will also find high monuments on the remains of a dead Gothic style, vaulted, mausoleum, eclectic, monumental, Byzantine, neo classical, baroque, etc.

If this is your first visit to Paris or you are a resident, we advise you to take the shared shuttle to go from one place to another. It’s a friendly, comfortable option that avoids the hassle of waiting for public transport. For this, we put at your disposal our proposed formula at an advantageous cost. Note that this service differs from the car rental or taxi. Because if you rent a taxi, you risk the nasty surprises of invoice in case of traffic jam and the price of a shared shuttle is much more competitive compared to that of a car rental.

That’s why, many families or people who go in group willingly adopt this solution to visit the numerous Parisian monuments or the parks in the surroundings.

You can book this means of transport in advance before your arrival in Paris, and our courteous, professional and punctual driver will meet you in the airport arrival hall with the sign bearing your name. It will then take you to this place if Pere Lachaise cemetery is your destination. You can also choose to go first to Paris, at the foot of your hotel or residence before going to this famous necropolis. We remind you that the booking is essential for all our transport to ensure your trip safely and safely.

The other advantage of this solution is that it also simplifies your life because you will not waste time and the price is fixed and affordable. There will be no waiting on the way and people in our cars have the same destination. For information, our car can accommodate up to 8 people with their luggage and are available for any other destination in Ile-de-France. Moreover, if you feel like it, you can also contact us for other destinations outside Paris.


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