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You like museums, medieval buildings, well restored and sublime? Well, know that Paris is not only a beautiful city with modern palaces, grand sculptures, it also has some survivors of these ancient times. Witnesses of medieval art plunge you back several centuries back into the medieval past with their flamboyant Gothic style. We recommend a detour by shuttle bus to Thermes, at the Cluny hotel. These off-the-beaten-track discoveries give you an idea of ​​what the French capital of yesteryear must have been.

The jewel of the kings of France is undoubtedly the Louvre, which is also one of the richest museums in the world, but it is the Hotel de Cluny that will have to be visited if you want to go back in time. The museum looks a bit austere on the outside but has some wonderful treasures inside. This famous 8th century hotel located at the crossroads of boulevards Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain in Paris houses the ruins of the Palace called the Thermes du Julien and the museum. The latter is refitted in 1949. The hotel contains a beautiful and curious collection of objects, most of which date from the 7, 8 and 9 th century. The route of the museum allows you to discover stained glasses, Gothic art, curious works dating from the Middle Ages. Among others, there is the Gallo-Roman column built in the 1st century, the Heads of Kings of Judah etc. For lovers of painting and art, do not miss the hangings, paintings, goldsmiths, furniture, tapestries and sculptures that are on the second floor of the building. These hangings were made in the 15th century! Do not forget to refresh yourself in the medieval garden of the museum with 5000 m2 of plants and flowers.

If you still want to see other vestiges of the Gallo-Roman time, also make a detour to the arena of Lutetia in the Ile de la Cite. In the 1st century of our era, people came to this amphitheater to attend gladiator fights or wildcat fights or shows. Its rediscovery dates back to 1869 and its track have now become a privileged terrain for school children for football games and a corner of petanque players. Other buildings like Notre-Dame, the Tour-Saint Jacques are also worth visiting if you still have time. Notre-Dame, the Metropolitan Church of Paris located in Ile de la Cité is built in the 12th century. Its portals, its towers, its ‘pink’ transept north, its outer apse are elegant masterpieces of Gothic architecture.

The worry when you want to visit Paris is the transport, the traffic, the places that can be eccentric and your lack of knowledge of the region. To help you discover the city of light and its medieval sites, we offer a car service that connects Charles-de-Gaulle airport to your hotel, or that takes you to Paris and takes you to hotel Cluny as soon as possible. The advantage of our collective car service is that you benefit from fixed rates at very competitive prices. Our professional driver knows the area well, and you can only be satisfied with his services. It will help you discover the most beautiful sites of the Middle Ages in Paris and will be available when you want, to take you where you want. Feel free to book a car now to organize your visit and your trips to Paris.

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