Discover the twon of Andé by private transportation in Normandy


History of the city of Andé in Normandy

In a charter of Charlemagne and charters of Louis the Debonair in the ninth century, the village was named Ande Andiacom. To the year 1136, its name was changed Andet. Once inhabited by farmers with villagers who lived by fishing and crafts, a large part of its land was covered with gardens and vineyards which called part of the main road "trail through the vineyards." Crops of wheat and rye to make bread and also crops of barley and Oats for herd practiced almost throughout the village. This culture extended from the paths down to the Seine to another side which leads into the fields. Obviously as in the valley of the Seine, he was there for many apple, plum and cherry orchards large. Craftsmen weavers were the source of trade with the cities of his entourage including Louviers and Rouen.


Tourism and visits Andé in Normandy

Ande offers its tourists a variety of sites and monuments to explore. Visits can be informative especially for those interested in history. The mill Andé part of one of its historic monuments and where it is put at ease the nature lovers. Do not miss also the castle and church dating from the eighteenth century.

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Ande transfer to  Paris airports in Normandy

Ande is 6km north-east of Louviers and 89km from Paris. It is 120 km from Orly airport, 84.6 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 125km from the airport of Charles de Gaulle.


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