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History and visit the Alma bridge  in Paris
The Pont de l’Alma is located in Paris . By his name, he recalls the Battle of Alma in the Crimea in 1854 . The south end of the bridge is served by the RER station Pont de l’Alma , while the other end of the metro station Alma- Marceau. Crossing the Seine , the bridge connects the quai Branly , which is located in the 7th district in New York Avenue in the 8th and 16th arrondissement. On the left bank , it separates the ports of La Bourdonnais and Gros Caillou , while on the right bank , those Debilly and Conference .

The Pont de l’Alma is one of the buildings constructed under the direction of Hyacinthe Garil . Built in 1854 , this monument was originally planned to be launched at Expo 1855. However, because of the delay in completion of the work , Napoleon III had to wait 2 April 1856 to perform the inauguration. It was decided subsequently to double upstream using a gateway. Thus the bridge was opened a second time at the Universal Exhibition of 1900 .

Always the need for enlargement and expansion , the bridge was demolished and replaced in 1970. The old bridge was characterized by the presence of all four batteries, a statue of one of the regiments that fought in the Crimean War : Zouave and Grenadier (directed by Georges Diebolt ) , hunter walking and gunner ( carved by Auguste Arnaud ) . The replacement bridge built between 1970 and 1974 no longer has a cell know which is adorned by the statue of the Zouave . Other statues were moved respectively in the Bois de Vincennes ( the hunter on foot) , Dijon ( pomegranate ) and La Fere ( Gunner ) .

On the statue of Zouave , it is now used to measure the water level of the Seine . When the water reaches the foot of the statue , it is common practice to lane closures on the banks. When the water comes up to the thighs of the Zouave , the famous river is not navigable . During the construction of the replacement bridge in 1970 , the Zouave is brought to a higher level . Nevertheless, during the great flood of 1910 , the water level is still reached up to his shoulders . But since then, it rarely happens to swim. The level of the Seine rarely exceeds thighs Zouave .

Recently, the Pont de l’Alma is known to be near the tunnel where died in August 1997 the Princess of Wales Lady Di . Known as the Alma tunnel , the tunnel is localized between the bridge and the Place de l’Alma . Above the tunnel stands the Flame of Liberty . This monument has the same size as the Statue of Liberty to the United States . In fact, France has received from the United States as a thank you for helping to restore the Statue of Liberty. Since the accident at the Princess Flame became a place of contemplation for fans of Lady Di as the monument commemorating the death is the garden of the Marais ;

Shared shuttle transfer to the Alma bridge in Paris

The L’ Alma bridge is located 21.2 kilometers from Orly Airport, 32.5 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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