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History of Blois

Lying in the Loir-et-Cher and the Centre region, Blois is a town in France. The city appears for the first time in 410. Indeed, it was conquered by the Breton chef Iuomadus. It founds an independent state. In 491, the city was taken by Clovis. The town was sacked by the Viking chief Hasting in 851. This town was one of the first cities in Europe to accuse the Jews of ritual murders.


Tourism and visits to Blois

The town of Blois is adorned with a remarkable heritage. Indeed, it has preserved its civil and religious monuments.

Discover the royal castle of Blois. This building is a courtyard which offers a veritable panorama of French architecture from the Middle Ages. This building is classified as a historical monument.

Do not hesitate to discover the St. Louis Cathedral. This building is classic Gothic architecture. Its construction was phased twelfth, sixteenth and seventeenth century. This building was built on a Carolingian crypt. During a guided tour, you will notice the sixteenth century bell tower and stained glass windows.

For nature lovers gardens are accessible in the city such as the gardens of the King. Created by Louis XII, they contain fruit crops, vegetables and medicinal plants. These gardens offer a garden with a waterfall on an amethyst cave together.

Other attractions are still exploring the city including St. Vincent de Paul Church, St. Nicolas and the Saint-Laumer church. You can also during your stay in the city to discover the hotels and houses remarkable namely Calcat house, the house of Acrobat and the home of Denis Papin.

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Transfer from Blois to Paris airports

Blois is located 53 km from Tours and 160 km from Paris. It is 175 km from Orly airport, 208 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 277 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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