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History and visit the Cour du Commerce Saint-André in Paris

The Cour du Commerce Saint-André houses the essence of the turbulent history of Paris.Elle is located at this location since 1776 with its jumbled stones dating from this time, which should pay attention to the people shod heels. This small street that connects the rue Saint-André des Arts in the rue de l’Ancienne Comédie has a long story to tell, because it is full of relics of the past. It can count among its inhabitants precedents one of the leaders of the French Revolution, Georges Jacques Danton, although the building in which he lived no longer exists today, as it was demolished during the Haussmann, to let way for the construction of the legendary boulevard Saint-Germain.

There was the house No. 8 a printing company that had published The Friend of the People, a newspaper of the time was headed by another active personality of the French Revolution, the political scientist, journalist Jean-Paul Marat. Acknowledged to be the friend of the poor, he turned against anyone opposing the revolution dramatically. He tragically found dead in his bathroom, stabbed by another activist of the revolution, Charlotte Corday, who was guillotined for it. Although Charlotte Corday says he saved more than 100,000 people from death by this act, the death of Jean-Paul Marat marked the history of the small street.

Above all, the events that have most influenced the history of the Cour du Commerce are directly related to the guillotine, a method promoted by Joseph Guillotin who saw the most humane way to apply the death penalty, a sentence to which he objected. In 1792, in the basement of the house No. 9 of the street, he began experimenting with lson device pruned heads of live sheep to support his theories. He said that the condemned almost feel nothing of the blade that would cut off his head. The guillotine was used as the primary form of execution in France until 1977.

Today, theCour du Commerce is the epicenter of many small shops and cafes. It is in this way that we can find the oldest cafes of Paris, Le Procope, which opened its doors in 1686. Among the regulars, coffee can count Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Oscar Wilde and George Sand. It is here that the best chess players were congregated in Paris to organize games that other patrons of coffee watching with enthusiasm. Le Procope coffee was restored in the 1980s and currently has adopted the same look he had during the 18th century. Choose to have lunch at Le Procope, it’s like taking your lunch in a museum. Not far away is the classic Brasserie Relay-Odeon, a place of good attendance attracts many customers. There is also the wonderful chocolate shop and restaurant both "Sunday in Paris" held by Pierre Cluizel, a member of a famous family of French master chocolatiers.
Rich in history, the Cour du Commerce is also a nice place to relax, have a good time in peace and enjoy the splendor of the signs that make the place still exudes the beauty of the eighteenth century.

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The Cour du Commerce Saint-André is located 19.5 kilometers from Orly Airport, 33.8 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 90.2 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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