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History and visit the Pont au Change in Paris
The Pont-au-load is in the fourth arrondissement of Paris on the right bank. It is placed between the dock and Corsica Place du Chatelet. The bridge dates back to the origin of the Roman or be called Lutetia Paris. As Petit Pont it was used as a passage for pedestrians who wanted to go to the countryside. In 1141 Louis VII ordered the bridge used as the location for all shippers of goods.
This is where it took the name of Pont-aux-charger and Pont-au-Change. The wife of King Charles VI Queen Isabeau of Bavaria made ​​his entrance into Paris via the Pont-au-Change in 1389. When she arrived in the middle of the bridge, a man holding a torch in each hand down along a cathedral tower with a rope. This ambitious person objective was to lay a wreath on the head of the queen.
The Pont-au-Change was busy on Sundays and days and holidays by oiseliers. That favor their occupation of the bridge was granted on the condition that when the king and queen pass over the bridge they had to release over 200 birds passing torque Royal. On the Pont-au-Change the carnival were compiled tables for dice players, but this tradition was arrested in March 1604.
The bridge was repeatedly damaged in 1616 as a large pool, and 23 and 24 October 1621 where the Pont Marchand caught fire. Bridges are separated as fifteen meters flames Pont Marchand pushed by the wind reached the Pont-au-Change, which was reduced to ashes.
Transfer to the Pont au Change in Paris
Rue des Barres is located 34 km from Roissy CDG airport, 19 km from Orly Airport and 105 km from Beauvais Airport



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