Shuttle transfer to Rue Philippe-de-Girard in Paris

History and visit the Rue Philippe de Girard in Paris

Rue Philippe de Girard is part of the 10th and 18th arrondissements of Paris. It belongs to the district of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and La Chapelle. It measures 1,037 m long and 13 m wide. It begins in the south at 191 Lafayette Street on the square-Dulcie September, in the 10th district in the north and ends at 81 rue Riquet, instead of Paul Eluard and 76 rue Marx Dormoy, in the 18th arrondissement. The numbering of the street is ascending from south to north, the odd numbers on the left and right pairs.

It already existed in the seventeenth century. Her name at the time path of brackets. The northern part was part of the old town of La Chapelle-Saint-Denis. Before 1865, it was called rue Chabrol. Against the southern part became known as rue de la Chapelle. Its two parts were attached to the Paris street in 1863. She took the name of rue Philippe de Girard in all its entirety in 1865 in honor of Henri Philippe Girard was a French mechanical engineer. He was the inventor of the spinning machine.

This road passes through different routes. In the 10th arrondissement, it is crossed by the streets of the Aqueduct, Louis Blanc, Perdonne. In the 18th arrondissement, it crosses the streets Jacques-Kablé, Pajot, the Department and the Boulevard de la Chapelle. It has specific sites such as the former barracks of firefighters that can be seen at No. 12, a unique old house which stands at No. 101 …

Transfer to the Rue Philippe de Girard in Paris
Rue Philippe de Girard is located 27.8 kilometers from Orly Airport, 23.6 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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