Shuttle transfer to the town of Dijon in Burgundy


History of the town of  Dijon in Burgundy

The city of Dijon is located in the Côte d’Or and the Burgundy region. In the second half of the fifth century, Dijon was inhabited by the bishops of Langres which allowed, under their influence, the construction of religious buildings and a group cathedral. Then, the territory was occupied by the Burgundians who were separated by Clovis in 500 or 501. At the beginning of the eleventh century, Dijon was under the sovereignty of the Dukes and was conquered by Robert II, King of France. The king binds Duchet Burgundy, consisting of several States which extends to the Netherlands and made ​​it his capital. In 1840 the railway line Paris-Lyon-Marseille, a project promoted by Mayor Victor Dumay engineer Henry Darcy and was built in Dijon and password.


Tourism and activities in Dijon

In Dijon, tourism is vital for its economy. It has the advantage of tourist attractions including its historical heritage. Tourists are invited to visit the tower of Petit Saint-Bénigne, the church of Saint-Etienne of Dijon and Saint-Jean de Dijon. Do not miss also the church of Sainte-Anne de Dijon, Dijon Bernardine monastery and the chapel of the Carmelite convent. The oldest sites are also notable in particular, the Chartreuse Champmol, the former parliament of Dijon, the Porte Guillaume, the church of the sacred heart and the port channel Dijon.

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Transfer from Dijon to Paris airports

Dijon locates 265 km from Paris. It is located 308 km from Orly airport, 340 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 406 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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