Taxi transfer to the quai de Montebello in Paris


History and tour the quai de Montebello in Paris
The dock Montebello is a way lying on the left bank of the Seine, more precisely in Saint-Victor, Sorbonne in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. The wharf was built in the mid-nineteenth century. The Board of civilians in the city of Paris buildings is the main instigator of the project. The path begins at the Rue de Bièvre and leads to the square of the small bridge, which is a distance of 314 meters. From the outside face of the parapet, it takes 15 meters wide. This site is linked to René Viviani square which houses the oldest tree in Paris. The Wharf is named after the Duke of Montebello, Marshal Jean Lannes. Early du1800 it was established to develop a new platform between the dock and the Petit Pont Miramoines. To build the site, we had to demolish an annexe of the Hotel Dieu, which occupied the site: hospice of Humanity. The demolition of the hospital was necessary to clear the site and retrieve building materials. The tiles were missing and he had such an amount to be able to undertake large scale.

Other buildings were also found on the site of the future platform: the building of the purification fountain and a few houses are located at the end of the current platform. It began releasing the opening of nearly sixty-two meters to enlarge the space defined between the Rue de la Bûcherie space, the Petit Pont and the dock Miramoines. On 28 March 1811, the project will be accepted by the Interior Minister Chaptal, but the decree does not approve the construction of part of the original plan: that between the Pont Saint-Michel and the Little Bridge. The approved part was called Quai Saint-Michel. In 1828 a royal decree of the council supported the project civilian buildings on the extension of the way up the rue des Grands-degrees, the end of the current site. Finally, it is in May 1837 another decree gave permission to clear the space between the Double Bridge and Petit Pont. Work achievements were initiated in 1840 and will take less time to run that at the planning.

From the perspective of the presentation, the quai de Montebello has a certain charm. Pier offers a breathtaking view of the Seine. The path is bordered on one side by tall trees and other period buildings by providing a typical Parisian decor. Cruises and boat rides regularly along the wharf and the frequency of visits to the site is respectable, we can consider it as a tourist mecca. Pier is affiliated to the port of Montebello is located on the bank. The Port of Montebello was formerly the ports and port Mules Bishop. The track was mainly used for loading, unloading of goods, loading and unloading of vessels calling. Since the twentieth century the port mooring barges plying the Seine. With the 380 meters, the port is longer than the dock, however it is twice as wide. It is important not to confuse the quai de Montebello and Montebello port even if their name and their proximity to confusion.

Taxi Transfer to the quai de Montebello in Paris

The quai de Montebello is located at a distance of 20.6 km from Orly Airport, 33.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 24.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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