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Located in Paris’ 15th arrondissement, the Marechal Leclerc Memorial de Hauteclocque and Liberation of Paris Musée Jean Moulin stands at 23, went to the second DB Jardin Atlantique , above the Gare Montparnasse . It was inaugurated on 3 September 1994 by former President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Edouard Balladur , on the occasion of the fiftieth year of liberation of Paris . The memorial contains a double museum dedicated to the history of the Resistance and Liberation of Paris from the fate of two major French fighters of the Second World War , Marshal Philippe Leclerc Hauteclocque and Jean Moulin. From 2011 , it is known as the Museum of Hauteclocque General Leclerc and the Liberation of Paris Musée Jean Moulin . The museum is open daily from 10 am to 18 pm except Mondays and holidays . It is served by bus lines 28, 48, 58 , 91, 92 , 94, 95 , 96, in the Montparnasse train station as well as metro stations Pasteur , and Gaite Montparnasse-Bienvenue .

During the Second World War , Philippe Leclerc and Jean Moulin were respectively the military leader of Free France and the prefect of the French resistance , sent by General de Gaulle . When General Leclerc took command , he decided to put his command post near the old Montparnasse station because nobody occupied the land and the communication was very good. It is in the same place as resistant received orders from the General to the liberation of the capital . A letter of surrender was signed by the German Von Choltitz under the command of the Chief of FFI , Colonel Rol- Tanguy . PourJean Moulin, the Montparnasse district was a place of childhood memories . To honor these two iconic figures , General Leclerc and Jean Moulin, we planned to build them a memorial. In 1994, all the objects and documents mentioning Leclerc were stored at Gramont neighborhood in Saint -Germain -en- Laye. Those of Jean Moulin was in the hands of his girlfriend , Antoinette Sasse . The latter flatly refused to share , unless the French government promised to display in a museum. It was General Vezinet , founder and president of the Foundation Hauteclocque Marechal Leclerc and Philippe Peschaud , president of the national association " House of Elders of the 2nd DB " that effectuèrent the necessary steps with the Mayor of Paris , Jacques Chirac . Having received the approval of the mayor, the construction of the memorial could begin in 1984. The Marechal Leclerc Memorial Hauteclocque and Liberation of Paris Musée Jean Moulin was inaugurated ten years later. It contains the respective collections of these two fighters .

It can be seen in the museum several objects symbolizing the journey of these two personalities such as: jackets Leclerc in Indochina and Africa, pith helmet , draft message coded , underground newspapers , Allied propaganda posters … The museum is working with several institutions such as universities, foundations , museums of the Second World War in France. It also cooperates with historians and scientists. Sporadically it is organized temporary exhibitions relating to the Second World War.

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Memorial Liberation and Jean Moulin Museum in Paris is 17 km from Orly Airport , 39 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 96 km from Beauvais Airport .

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