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 The castle of Sainte Assise is a renaissance castle which locates in the city of Port Seine and in the department of Seine -et-Marne . This is an area under a private property that is closed to the public from its surroundings that are ideal for walks .



Description of the castle of Sainte Assise

The entrance to the castle of Sainte Assise is a goose leg break in the woods that leads to a huge place , followed by the front yard and backyard. On the front of the castle is a beautiful esplanade overlooking throughout the garden. This terrace leads left to two copses and right in an alley over which is the orangery. The top of the garden is characterized by a grove of tall bushes perforated by small paths . Below the terrace opposite the castle which is a green guide to the shore of the river. The castle is defined by a main building defended by two pavilions. On the side of the castle, another wing was built inside it , a new dining room has been converted . The latter contains very popular ornaments . For more space to accommodate a large number of guests, two other houses were allocated to the main building . To raise the water of the Seine in the area , a fire pump was introduced. Then a main gate was built and operated two small wings guards. On the banks of the Seine , a dependency of the castle was built and called "flag of Sainte Assise ."



History of the castle of Sainte Assise

The castle of Sainte Assise is a building that dates from the eighteenth century. An area built by Louis de Caumartin Leferve this castle met several owners recognized throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth century since Jean de La Chapelle . In 1700, the castle was sold to John Glucq , industrial Dutch origin . In 1709 , he decided to offer it to his eldest son Jean Baptiste Glucq . In 1736 he received from the King during his visit to Fontainebleau , tables and a crystal chandelier from its Hauterive Hotel in memory of their friendship. Thereafter , he invited to his castle many renowned artists which include the famous painter Watteau. At his death , the castle was handed over to his nephew Jean Baptiste Francois de Montullé who had died in 1773. The same year of his death , the estate was offered as a gift to Lady Montesson during his morganatic marriage with the Duke of Orleans. During the nineteenth century, after the death of the Duke of Orleans , the castle had passed through several hands of owners who have succeeded and which led to its destruction. In 1808 , the estate was bought by Count Pourtale . He subsequently decided to rebuild most of the castle , giving it the appearance that still exists today.



The main events of the castle of Sainte Assise

In 1922 , the castle of Sainte Assise was sold to Radio France Company makes install a transmitting station for wireless telegraphy . Monumental antennas were arranged on the field and counterfeit appearance. The flag of Sainte Assise hosted for a short time the ambassador of the United States , Governor Morris in 1796. The pavilion which still exists until today was built by Philibert River in 1800. In 1855 he was hired by Alexandre Dumas Fils , where he wrote the Clemenceau case . The latter then hosts the baron Stanley , a friend of Prince Beauveau in 1870 and the Duke de Guiche in 1875 and in 1876 the Horace de Choiseul Parslin . The pavilion was at that time called "flag of Choiseul ."

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Shuttle transfer from the Castle of Sainte Assise to Paris airports

The Château de Sainte-Assise is 50.2 km from the city of Paris . This fortress is 32.5 km from Orly airport , 138 km from Beauvais Airport and 73.5 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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