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Castle Champgueffier is a Renaissance castle which located in the town of Chapelle-Iger in the department of Seine-et-Marne, Ile de France. The area can accommodate you in a beautiful setting that is easily accessible. It lies about 55 km east of Paris. This is a site that attracts tourists for a visit to the region.



Description of the Castle Champgueffier

Buildings Castle Champgueffier were arranged in two halls, the press room which expands over an area of ​​298 m² and 90 m² adjoining room. They are all characterized by outdoor terraces that extend over an area measuring 180m. Therefore, the halls of Castle Champgueffier can receive between 50 to 250 people seated and up to 300 people for a cocktail reception. The rooms are equipped with climatisatiseurs that can be set at the request of the occupants. The castle is composed by specific criteria such as the stone bridge dating from 1772 years having several douvelles. This leads to the wings of the Castle. The press-potato masher to the Castle has a meulon. It also has a circular trough which is also called “turn pillar” as well as an architecture oak eight radials. The field Champgueffier locates in a paneled park that overlooks a beautiful view of the castle.



History of Castle Champgueffier

The lordship of the manor Champgueffier depends Provins in the twelfth century, and probably that of Jouy in the thirteenth century. The oldest known lord is Gaifier PA Field, circa 1170. In 1201, Henry the Liberal, Count of Champagne, has the lordship. It can send Champgueffier a garrison in time of war, and the vassal lord shall annually, for a number of days in a castle garrison county of Champagne. In the sixteenth century the lordship of Champgueffier is the possession of Tristan Verdelt. A whole line of this family buried in the cemetery of La Chapelle-Iger. This castle was demolished and rebuilt in the nineteenth century, belongs to the late twentieth century to the family Dubern Wood Landry. The current castle Champgueffier is part of a castle that was built in the nineteenth century. As for his addictions, they were built in the eighteenth century with its character features. At the beginning of 1170 years, the lord of Champgueffier had in his possession a Castle and a fire in the area of ​​the Castle. From the sixteenth century, it was handed over to the family Verdelot before the seventeenth century belong to the family of Laistre. In 1749, the fief of Champgueffier was conquered by Jacques de Flesselles who later passed on to his son of the famous Jacques Fesselles. It was thanks to him that the current bridge dating back 1,772 years has been built. In 1862, the Castle Champgueffier had burned in a fire that General Eugene Duberne, small son of Louis Boislandry, decided to do rebuild.



Visit Castle Champgueffier

Castle Champgueffier is ideal for entertaining. In his buildings, room rentals can do throughout the year as long as you book. The rooms are available for receptions, seminars or meetings, but only one ceremony at a time. To do this, a catering area is anticipated to facilitate your work. You might as well enjoy the amenities needed to make your celebration is well organized. In addition, you may access in several activities in accordance with a request that you address the officials. Among these activities are convenient onsite petanque, tennis. You may visit among other monuments or sights.

For frequent travel during a visit to the Castle Champgueffier, it is essential to have a way to facilitate the transfer route. Indeed, our transfer service recommend you make a reservation for comfortable  chauffeured car with our agency. You have the choice between collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car. A driver will accompany you during the course.



Transfer from Castle Champgueffier to Paris airports

Castle Champgueffier is located 72.8 km from Orly airport, 148 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 72.2 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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