Transfer from the Château de Brou to the Paris airports

The Château de Brou is located in the department of Seine-et- Marne 20 minutes from Paris . It is a ceremonial easily accessible by the A4 motorway. It is adorned with a rather particular forest landscape that spans twelve hectares.


Description of the Chateau de Brou

The Château de Brou is a huge green space to organize family gatherings as business events. The experts also come to shoot movies or high level of professional photo taken and brand . The Château de Brou has the particularity to give customers a choice to practice their activities either in their rooms or in the gardens . In short, he had the opportunity , unlike other castles, to be with a beauty both internal and external . Regarding the rooms, they are ready to welcome up to 300 people per event. As for its beautiful gardens, the number of clients receiving is not seen limited at the scale of 12 hectares.


History of Chateau de Brou

The Château de Brou is private property dating from the seventeenth century. This castle was built at that time on the "land of husk ." The property belonged to a rich family member of Paris . During the eighteenth century , changes were observed in the decoration of its interior. The new owners at the time , have changed the layout of the corner stairs.

Then , the property was put up for sale during the 1844 years since the Feydeau family, owners no longer had any descendants . The area was then acquired by the family of Charles Floreal Thiebaut native of Paris . And to this day , the treasure remained a property of this family.

Has been classified as a historic monument in 1984 , the castle has undergone several restorations on several fronts while keeping its originality. Today , no more work has been done on the property. But the castle continues to generate revenue through the festive events that are organized .


Significant events of the Château de Brou

During the eighteenth century, much work was done on the entire domain. After a century of existence , the castle took on a new color trends of the next era. Of architectural changes have also taken place.

In 1844, the property changed ownership since the latter have not had any descendants , the castle has undergone so many alterations. Significant changes were driven by the new owners.

Finally in 1824 , the chief architect of historic monuments is busy restoring the castle. These heavy duty even lasted nearly four long years from 1989 to 1992. Since then, the beautiful property not changed hands and has not experienced any changes.


Activities in the castle of Brou

This castle is really rich in activity seen his qualification of "space." In the gardens of the property, the most popular activity is the shooting mode . Indeed, the great creators of the brand are greens Castle aids to get inspiration and enjoy his creations.

Then, as practiced at the scene, the wedding celebration. Since the time when the castle became private property , many were weddings and engagements that were celebrated.

Finally , the most interesting and most modern activities on this castle is shooting films by leading French and American directors .

Do not forget that the main activity when you’re on the Château husk is the promenade. To better appreciate the beauty of nature and especially the originality of the natural scenery of the castle gardens , nothing beats a morning hike .

In short, the Château de Brou is a fun place on the outskirts of Paris . It stands out from the places of attraction and recreational areas in the city because of its conservative nature .

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Transfer from the Château de Brou to the Paris airports

The Château de Brou is located 276 km from the city of Paris . This destination is 267 km from Orly airport, 299 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 358km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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