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Castle Houssoy is now building in the department of Seine-et- Marne , specifically Crouy -sur -Ourcq . It is a fortress now owned by an association. Previously, the Castle overlooking the village where a large river business there .



Description of  the Castle Houssoy

The construction of the castle dates back Houssoy in the fourteenth and fifteenth century. It is located at the street Houssoy Crouy -sur -Ourcq . The fortress was founded on the basis of a fortified house of the eleventh century . This is why it is ranked among the castles. Lord Robert Sepoix who decided it was built near the Ourcq River. The castle has a farm used to the Medieval Age . It is also distinguished by its square dungeon. The entire Castle Houssoy is complemented by three fireplaces.



History and Activites  of the Castle Houssoy

Houssoy Castle was built in the fourteenth century near the Ourcq River. In 1390 , a square tower was associated with this building . To the seventeenth century, that is to say in 1652 , the castle was the seat of the Duke of Lorraine . At the same time, the Castle Houssoy was the victim of a field of fire and was completely burnt except the three chimneys remained. The same is true for the dungeon. He was able to resist the fire. For several years, the tower was considered a pigeon , but over time it was abandoned. The dungeon consists of five floors vaulted crowned by a circular gallery. It adjoins the large farm topped with battlements , which is currently privately owned.

Later, the tower houses the tourist and an interesting exhibition that reflects the rich history of navigation on the Ourcq .


Protected Castle elements Houssoy

Much Castle Houssoy has been a registration as historical monuments. Indeed, Wing Machicolation that spans the Avenue de la Gare was recorded June 3, 1932 . The Dungeon , the largest sprocket mature old house and chimneys have meanwhile been classified October 12, 1962 .

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Transfer un a private van from the Castle of Houssoy to Paris airports

Castle Houssoy is located 84.4 km from Paris . This destination is 90.7 miles from Orly Airport 45.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99.6 miles from Beauvais Tille .

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