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Castle Nandy is a reception area for all family and professional events . Located 40 km from Paris , it is a beloved place of French in order to be as professional seminars as television . The castle is not a tourist site can be visited by the public , apart from its customers.


Description Castle Nandy

Castle Nandy is officially one of the most recognized France festive scene. It is situated in the Seine- et-Marne in the common Nandy 40km from the French capital. The medieval fortress and a classic look without imposing tower or royal drawbridge. It is adorned with a natural park that gives its customers the desire to live , the desire to breathe fresh air and want to come back , etc. . Unlike many Castles in Seine-et- Marne , the Lordship of Nandy has been renovated by its current owners to marry within its framework the feudal atmosphere and modern look. The problem is that although it is accessible to a public place can not be visited by any person. It is possible for private clients venturing into every corner of the castle and ask to know more about its history.


History of Castle Nandy

In the Carolingian period , a wooden castle was built in the place of the castle Nandy . Then, at the time of the Capetians a stone castle replaced the wood . Between the fifteenth and sixteenth century, a new castle built by the family of the Hospital was built there . For two centuries , the castle was occupied by the family prior to host several other owners. Indeed, several were the people who lived in the house as the Pommeuses the Vieuville of the abbey of Saint- Denis -en- France , etc. . and so many more visitors. From year 1660 , the last owners , descendants of the first began construction of the current building . Following the damage resulting from the war of religions , the family of François -Marie , Duke of Vitry rebuilt the castle with a classic inspiration. In fact, the castle was built in a classical architecture so that its southern facade was very sequenced using bricks and stones. Finally, in the nineteenth century , the manor was renovated by the Marquis de Perthuis . It did not work great changes , but is responsible to reinstate the details that were not.



Activities in Castle Nandy

The main activity of the castle is now the home event . Castle Nandy is recognized in France fame, he receives a unique and unforgettable events.

The Lordship of Nandy hosted until now thousands of weddings of all nationalities , communions to not count , of rich kids birthdays and so many more events of joy and merriment. The house also received in the same vein , professional events such as training seminars, educational days between employees and many others . But that ‘s not all , the castle also hosts major television the best known was the show " Four Weddings , honeymoon " which highlighted all the features of the castle. In addition to its warm, the building offers its loyal customers the enjoyment of its 27 hectares of rich and decorated with unique and original way. Also, guests who have stayed at the castle will never forget with the romantic atmosphere that gives the lights that shine throughout the property every night. The lordship is illuminated by a multitude of lights every night , is stunned that every customer who installs is without exception.

Unfortunately, this unique beauty is not available to everyone , because the price to pay to enjoy these benefits prestigious seasoning.

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Transfer from Castle Nandy to Paris airports

Castle Nandy is located 50.8 km from Paris . This destination is 33 km from Orly Airport , 74 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 138 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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