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The Castle is owned Egreville created recently in 2007. It has been specially designed to accommodate shows and performances. It is however not a visitable site.


Description Castle Egreville

The Castle Egreville is a building that makes the wealth and reputation of the city. It was built in a medieval architecture like most of the Castles of Seine-et -Marne. This property is for the story , the love between King Francis I and his mistress Anne Pisseuleu , duchess . Indeed, it was fortunate to be the only owner of this beautiful castle that her lover gave her . Boasting a history of art house , the property also belonged to a painter named Berne Bellecour. And finally, the building was listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments and private property became friendly shows.


History of Castle Egreville

The Castle Egreville also called " godmother Company house balcony " is a private property after a castle of the twelfth century . The house is owned by Mr. Roy Remy , passionate performances and performances. Thus, the property has recently been designed for one purpose , bringing together art lovers . Among the stories depicted in this house godmother , fans have been to all kinds: The Balcony, The Snow Queen , The Banquet of Babel, The Balcon Cabaret … and many others . Time primary Castle, the Castle Egreville hosted several exciting stories . The exciting stories of love, adulterous love of great personalities such François Premier . Historians and writers of the time often said that the walls and the castle park have witnessed many fantasies , and , from and through the centuries and centuries .

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Transfer from Castle Egreville to Paris airports

The Castle Egreville is 99.5 km from the city of Paris . This destination is located 81.7 km from Orly Airport , at 187 km from the Beauvais Airport and 123 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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